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Here are some support FAQS that can help you. If your problem is not listed, then please email [email protected] with detailed information.

Jonathan Weinberger


I signed up via Humble bundle

How do I cancel my GameDevHQ subscription?

  • GameDevHQ has a new customer hub! It's light weight and super fast! If you have not renewed your active subscription and do not have access to the new Customer Hub, then you can try our legacy platform here. If you are still having trouble with your account, then you must email [email protected] with subject line: "Request Membership Cancelation"-- We will remove your billing. If you are on the new system, you can simply checkout the customer hub located under Account Management when you sign in.

Filebase Only Users

  • Filebase is now a stand alone product! If you purchased a license to Filebase, you can access your community content and manage your account here.