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Learn how to build your own games & applications the right way and earn your Game Developer Certification in just 10 weeks!

Want to become a Game Developer?

Then do it the right way!

  • Skip the traditional school route. (This is a skill based industry)
  • Learn to think like a software engineer & game developer.
  • Build your first video game from scratch.
  • Learn to write C# code 
  • Zero spoon-feeding & no copy & paste tutorials

At GameDevHQ, we use game development as a gateway to software engineering. We provide a zero spoon-fed environment. We don’t agree with the traditional mode of online education where you copy & paste a bunch of code together. In our program, we teach you to think like a software engineer & game developer so that you can go on to build your own exciting games & applications. With us, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to build your dream game and even work for the games industry and beyond. We teach the full game development life-cycle through our exclusive structured certification program.

A 5-Step Plan to Game Development Mastery

Master Game Development in less time than it would take to complete one semester at a traditional college by following our structured game developer certification program.

Introduction to Game Development

Build your very own 2D game from start to finish in less than 10 hours

Write C# from Scratch

Build a 2.5D side scrolling adventure games with interactive elements and 3D animations

Master 3D Game Development

Create your own First-Person Shooter in this Zombie Survival Game

Build Mobile Games

2D Game Design using Tilemap and deploy on mobile using touch inputs.

Unity Profiler & Optimization

Learn the secrets behind optimizing your games for the best user experience.


C# Survival Guide


Level Design


Enterprise App Development


Build Characters in C4D




Git Workflows

Talk is cheap. Here are real results from real people.



  • Made by Rich, a solo developer
  • Developed demo 6 months after starting our Certification Program.
  • Started with zero experience
  • Currently works at Bossa Studios as a Game Developer

Crumbling Worlds

  • Made by Dani, a solo developer
  • Started development after a GDHQ Game Jam
  • To be released on steam May 2020

viper squad

  • Made by Adrian, a solo developer
  • Started game development at 17
  • Developed Viper Squad in 6 months

Project Revival

  • Made by Ahmed, Karlo, and the team at Devoid Studios
  • Demo to be released 2020
  • Assets are from our GameDevHQ Filebase.

Our Student

Success Stories

"GameDevHQ gives you all of the tools required to start your career as a Game Developer. I went from having no experience to building my very own AAA game in less than 6 Months. Stop browsing YouTube, GameDevHQ will have all bases covered."
Richard J.
Game Developer at Bossa Studios
"I had zero experience as a programmer, as a modeler, as an animator - basically I didn't have any idea what I was doing. GameDevHQ allowed me to build Viper Squad, a game I have been working on now for over 6 months and I'm really proud of it!"
Adrian N.
Game Developer - Independent
"As a guy who graduated from one of those "game schools", I have learned more about development with GameDevHQ in a couple of months than I did in school. The community is amazing and with the knowledge and tools Jon and Al have provided, I believe i'll soon be on track to make some amazing games."
Mike S.
Former Student, Full Sail University
"The courses provided by Jonathan Weinberger and Al Heck have helped me a lot in my journey to becoming a game developer. They are easy to follow and presentation is clear and understandable even for someone like me with no coding experience and no background in game development."
Rona H.
Game Developer/Educator

Learning how to think like a software engineer & game developer allows you to become employable not just within the games industry, but the beyond games industry as well. Today, industries such as Automotive, Film, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Training, Education, AR, VR and so many more are being powered by Unity! Take a look at some of the places our students work!



Yes. We train you to think like a software engineer & game developer. You will be able to code your way through any scenario! 

We don’t need to. Our students at the end of this program know how to make those games.

Yes. When you sign up you will receive a learning action plan. This plan tells you exactly where to start and how to progress!

  • You get lifetime access to all current & future courses.
  • Immediate access to the Mastermind Community
  • 1 year of Filebase — A library filled with thousands of game-assets to help you build your dream game.
  • Earn your Game Developer Certification.

In filebase, search for certification and there should be 4 options.  Your job will be to download 1 of these packages, read the game design document, complete all the steps, publish your game, and then send us a link to review.  This is not a course.  This is a way to show us that you can build a game from taking our courses.

The mastermind community is where you’ll connect with other serious game developers. You’ll find dedicated support to any and all game development questions and you’ll get access to exclusive weekly live coaching calls, workshops, and events hosted by GameDevHQ.

Filebase is a plugin we built that provides you with access to thousands of game-ready game assets and hundreds of coding challenges. Read about it here.

Some universities require 2-3 years of prerequisites before you even touch Unity. You start developing your first game immediately with us. 

As for the Unity Certification Program, to earn the Unity Certification, you must pass a 70 multiple-choice question test. With us, there are no tests. Our certification is earned through your verified skill as a game developer. We assign unique features to your game that you will submit for review.

We started on Udemy with a partnership with Unity to help educate the world on the power of Unity! Through a successful partnership, we have reached over 80,000 students world-wide on how to code with Unity. On Udemy, it’s a great place to test the waters. This certification learning track is exclusive to our platform and will never be released anywhere else.

You will have access to all course content forever. Even newly added courses. You will need to maintain an active billing profile with us to maintain access to our Mastermind Community & Filebase.

Use the Mastermind Community – we have a dedicated support channel to help you solve whatever problems you’re having!

So we have run into this issue before.  Hotmail is gone and is now replaced with outlook.  We think this may be why some may be unable to access community.gamedevhq.com.  If that is the case, email us or chat us up on discord and we will assist you.

On the main gamedevhq.com page, click on “Account Management” on the top right, scroll to the bottom and fill out a form with your question.

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